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B. 1970 in Shaanxi, China, now lives and works in Beijing, China.


Born and grown in a remote village in Shaanxi Province, Hong’s parents want him to be a peasant, just as other children do in the village. Yet, at the age of 19, Hong discovered painting as a way to express himself and soon decided to pursue art as both a job to make a living ,a career to develop, and a dream to pursue. Hong formally became an oil painter in 2002. Soon he established himself with a strong style - bold brushstrokes, strong emotions, unconventional composition. As he was born and grown up in a rural countryside, love of the land, link to the nature, praise to the people who works hard to make their life better are core of his works.


In 2006, Hong experimented with Ink on Xuan Paper, and in 2009 he changed his focus from oil painting to ink-on-paper. Hong feels that he could express himself freely with ink, that’s something in his blood. With his background in oil painting, his ink painting is neither a traditional Chinese ink painting nor a traditional oil painting. He developed a feel of expressive oil painting, with powerful brushstrokes and strength inside, by using the more fluid material – ink. 


Hong has more than 6 solo shows for his oil painting and 2 solo shows for the ink painting, including those held by National Art Museum of China (2012) and Today Art Museum (2010) .

Solo Exhibitions 主要个展


2022 Wheat in Winter, Binhai Museum, Tianjin China

“冬禾“ 高宏艺术大展,天津滨海美术馆,中国天津

2018  Rule of INK, Nine Stogeys Museum, Beijing China


2017  Life. Beijing, The Traditioinal Chinese Painting of China,Beijing China


2012  The Land – Hong Gao 2012, National Art Museum of China, Beijing China

“大地— 高宏2012”油画作品展,中国美术馆,中国北京

2010 Dad’s Big Painting, Today Art Museum, Beijing China


2007 Gao Hong Solo Exhibition, Hongzilan Gallery, Beijing China



2006 Gao Hong Solo Exhibition, Three Colors Gallery, Beijing China

“心质 位移”高宏油画展,三色画廊,中国北京

2005 Gao Hong Solo Exhibition, Hongyuange, Beijing China


2003 Gao Hong Oil Painting Exhibition, Temple of Earth, Beijing China


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